War of Emperium & Event

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War of Emperium & Event

Post  [GM] Hermes on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:30 pm

War of Emperium :

-Every Wednesday,Saturday & Sunday-
-Time Wed 8pm-9pm,Sat 10pm-11pm,Sun 8pm-9pm-
-Reward Custom Hat , Poring Coin , Skulls , Slice Fish Box-

Daily Event :

-Hide & Seek-PvP Rumble-And More-
-Every Monday,Tuesday,Thursday & Friday-
-Time 3pm & 8pm-
-Reward Skulls-

Party vs Party Event :

-Every Sunday-
-Time 10pm-
-Reward Skulls-

Please Read Rules Before Play
[GM] Hermes
[GM] Hermes

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