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Post  Named on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:52 pm

Lets see my suggestion.
1. black and white valkyrie armor
armor + shield + muffler + shoes only got effect rite??
but 2 handed character how like sinX used no effect???

2. about defend is abit bugged
http://yfrog.com/mocapturekj at start the defend should be 20 because vit only 20 but it 30
http://yfrog.com/mscaptur1ej tis is 99+19=118 but the defened goes to 177
if like tis then players use thanatos can settle it easily or creator acid demo
fix it plz

3.Custom weapon (Lich Bone X)
Lich Bone X only gives High Wizard then Professor can't use it??
actually, custom weapon is quite fair enough.

4.Golden Thief Bug Card (GTB card) and Megingjard
Ok, lets see players with 1500 matk , damage gtb reduces 70%
the magic damage only can reach 500-1500 nt over 2000 and enemy with wind armor [1] mage class is totally rubbish and this call balance if balance megingjard should be +10 str but it +20 str or cancel the megingjard and most of the asura strike or sonic blow can be 1 hit KO player is call balance nid to be balancing think at wizard position and mage class hp is low even vit 99 max 10k to 13k and still gm listen to player complain tat mage class is unfair??plz la gm i hope gm change it to 40% for being balancing the server or else -10 str megingjard some more having the stat food +10 str fair??? melee class if freaking of out mind withthe megingjard hope gm think at player position i not aspect gm will change lower than 40% but gm at least 50% for the fairness 40% and - 10 str for megingjard
tat it for card and megingjard.

5.Custom Potion
Here, i wanna say about potion is Superb fish gm can make it 25% hp recover and full mana recover so it fair for like dps(damage per second) character such as ws lk and so on besides ygg seed it 50% is quite high so i would like to make it as 25% so it fair thx

That all my suggestion for now i hoping that gm will read all my suggestion and think about it and gm remember main page u put non donate and balance the ideas is think at the character and players position it helps balance means 19 classes all can play rite?so gm read it and think it

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Few suggestion Empty Re: Few suggestion

Post  RyuSaeba on Fri Jun 11, 2010 1:02 pm

hmm...u get few right points there.i having a paladin grand cross type i meet champion they can 1 hit KO me summore keep frosting me and they using gtb my grand cross low like cb only 400 damge 1 hit some ppl using holy armor then if tis call balance???and with assump keep sacrifier no rasa 1 i jz wan take note on gtb 70% so high la gile la gm mcm tu


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Few suggestion Empty Re: Few suggestion

Post  khuankhuan on Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:31 am

Yes i totally agree the game had been unbalanced since the introduce of new items and set..

1) The valk set is way too imba. I had just faced it myself, consider the following situation: a champ with the stone curse vk set and freezing weapon, now champ has a way too imba advantage. He can either frost the enemy and asura strike opponent to death. Or even when opponent is hitting him, 40% that opponent will be stone cursed. The champ can then make his weapon become fire elemental and a few more cards then the opponent is as good as dead. More over, the situation become even worse when the effect can be triggered by Soul Breaker and Sonic Blow (I'm not sure about other skills yet..) This is a HUGE DISADVANTAGE for classes that need to spam kill to kill an opponent (Soul Breaker, Sonic Blow, Acid Demonstration, Spiral Pierce... a whole lot more to be named) Everything is lost when either you are Stone Cursed or Freeze.

Consider this: A SinX frost a Champ and is going to Sonic Blow him, however the 1st blow didn't end up killing the champ and it only need 1 more Sonic Blow to take down the Champ (as we all know a lot of SinX kill his opponent by stacking a 2-3 Sonic Blows). In the end, the champ can just do a Fire elemental asura and kill the SinX......

So the moral value? From now on every class must be killed in ONE hit or else it might be the end for you.. and hence, I am strongly against the new vk set or else the server will be flooded by Champs.. It destroy the fun of stacking skills and tactics in the game... Especially in WOE where you'll see alot of people getting stone cursed and their Emperium getting destroyed.

P/S: I know Medusa Card can help you gain immunity from Stone Curse.. BUT, will this be fair to those dual wielding Class Char? There is no way you can put on a shield while Sonic Blowing

I suggest lowering the chance of the effect (which is currently way too imba) or just change the effect itself to maybe healing effect.

3) Yes Lich Bone X should be able to be wielded by Professor as well. And there's something i'd like to ask here:
The damage increase on Demi-Human provided by the White VK set, how is it coded? Is it only increase damage of physical attack skills such as: Asura Strike, Sonic Blow, Spiral Pierce. But not the damage of Soul Breaker, Acid Demonstration, and all kinds of Magics?

And 1 more is, the new sword for Soul Breaker is TOTALLY underrated.. consider a SinX that can deal 10k Damage (I am not sure how the script is being written.. is it increase the damage of the physical part.. or the magical part.. or it increase the final damage???) Ok, so let's assume it increase the final damage of 10k.. an increase of 3% damage would be 10300. A TOTAL DAMAGE INCREASE OF 300... or even if you use two of it.. the total increase would be 600.. and it doesn't really matter anymore cause once you're stone cursed you're DOOM (Dual wielding cannot carry a Medusa Card Shield......) So let's say i use the new watever sword plus a Medusa Card shield.. and with only 2 SLOT AVAILABLE.. I'm sacrificing a slot for just and increase of 300 dmg?? I would rather use a Fire Naught Sword with Meteor Shower skill available and another slot, and i'm very sure that a Zipper Bear Card with correct combination can deal more than the pity 300 damage.. an addition token for it would be my physical damage part would be Fire Elemental......

I am not sure whether the White VK set can frost opponent that are using skill on you or not but if it can... then it's another imba thing to be discussed.. however i'll skip the hassle for now...

4) Yes a 70% Magic damage reduction can be considered A LOT, however i'll save up for this part as i'm not sure how much is the exact damage reduction because the Card Description in game is still the same-o-nullify...

5) There is no problem for full hp and sp heal for me actually, if GM really does changed it to 25%.. then player will just switch to Yggdrasil Berry that does the same job =)

Well that it for now.. i'm sure i wrote quite a lot here and therefore i do sincerely hope that everyone could at least take your time and read it, especially GM and understand what i am trying to say and take serious consideration or the server would just fall into Imba-Unbalanced-Custom-Equipment-Server that eventually players will abandon it..


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Few suggestion Empty Re: Few suggestion

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