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Post  Named on Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:38 pm
Here lets talk about this [Sycho Guns]
In picture, i already highlights tat this.Actually, no nid +10agi and +10vit can +10 vit can change it to 5% more max hp better than +10 vit
our defend high enough no need vit....agi same also....then for the +20% i wan comment is 20% x 8000 = 1600 so total up is 9600 is high??
my suggest is +10k hp or 7k hp then add 1 more slot just 1 slot for doppel is not enough same as bloody spear it is Bloody Spear[2] y cant make it 2 slot??the damage wont high actually is under calculations thx....i appericate that kindly GM


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